Debt Settlement

arrow1Homeowners Legal Options will help you determine the best credit card debt relief options for your individual circumstance. Our servicing negotiators will establish a customized program based on your current personal and financial situation and the level of debt you owe.


arrow1Are you considering filing for bankruptcy? When your home and property are on the line, it is imperative that you work with an aggressive and trustworthy attorney who will fight for you and your case. Homeowners Legal Options is here to provide families and individuals the guidance that they need during this difficult time.

Loan Modification

arrow1If you are considering a loan modification, one of the questions that will probably be on your mind is how it could benefit your situation. Although this may not be the best path for everyone, it could help you get your finances back under control.


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- Business Litigation
- Criminal Law
- Debt Settlement

- Estate Planning
- Family Law
- Immigration Law
- Loan Modification

- Trust Administration
- Personal Injury
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- Workers Compensation

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